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Whether you are dealing with unwanted behaviours, a difficult situation, or a life transition and would like brief counselling to reach solutions or whether you are on a deeper journey towards self-awareness and self-actualization;  MALM Counselling can help. 

Individual Counselling

 Individual therapy is a great place to begin the journey out of those powerless feelings and make your way into ones of hope.

At  MALM Counselling we have accumulated years of experience helping clients work through their existential struggles or roadblocks effectively enhancing self-worth, meaning, mental health and overall wellbeing.  

ADHD Counselling

Counselling is a valuable resource for individuals and families seeking to manage the challenges of living with ADHD and unlock their full potential.


At MALM Counselling we work to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can gain insights, develop strategies, and build confidence in their ability to thrive with ADHD and unlock their full potential. 

Men's Counselling

At  MALM Counselling we focus on empowering men to explore their emotional landscapes, strengthen their mental resilience, and lead more fulfilling lives.


We recognize the unique challenges faced by men in today's world and provide a safe and confidential space where men can explore their emotions, gain insight into their experiences, and develop the tools needed to navigate life's complexities effectively.

Couples Counselling

We all want relationships that are fulfilling and life-giving, but relationships take a lot of intentional effort and in the business of life, it is easy to let your relationships fall to the wayside.

Whether you are struggling to connect and communicate, deciding to get married, or you are seriously considering divorce, couples’ MALM Counselling is a good place to be intentional about your relationship again. Therapy creates space to learn some new skills and take stock of what is important.

Domestic Abuse Counselling

Living through in an abusive relationship can be intensely confusing, shame-filled and isolating. Whether there abuse is overt  and persistent or subversive and manipulative, MALM Counselling can help can start the healing process to work through the trauma and build resilience towards new ways of being.

If this the space you find yourself in, please reach out and book a session with one of our experienced team members.

Career Counselling

One of the biggest decisions we make in life is around the direction we want to take our career. With the multitude of options and opinions around career choice it is no surprise that choosing or changing a career path is a highly stressful and daunting experience.


At MALM Counselling we've helped hundreds of clients find new meaning and  success in their careers leading to more fulfilling lives, relationships and overall wellbeing. 

Trauma Counselling

As we go through life many of us will experience trauma and leave it unprocessed leading to repression and maladaptive behaviours and schemas.  As hard as it may be, therapy can be one of the most important steps you take in , processing, healing and growing past the long lasting impact of these events.

At MALM Counselling we work from a trauma-informed lens and provide a safe and supportive environment to allow deep processing and find new pathways of connection. 

Other Areas of Focus

• Social and Emotional Skill Development

• Harm-Reduction     


• Mood and Anxiety Disorders

• Relationship and Interpersonal Issues

• Grief and Loss 

• Anger Management

• Substance Abuse and Addiction

• Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses

• Masculinity 

• Sexual Health

• Child Development and Parenting

• Disordered Eating

• Care Planning and Goal Setting

• Chronic Health Management 

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