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Taking the first step toward entering therapy is often the hardest for many but often leads to amazing results towards sustained self-growth and development. To me, your reasons for entering therapy are as unique as the journey that got you there which is why my aim is to understand each clients' journey, meet them where they are at collaborative in session accordingly.


Whether you are dealing with unwanted behaviours, a difficult situation, or a life transition and would like brief counselling to reach solutions or whether you are on a deeper journey towards self-awareness and self-actualization, counselling can be an effective strategy in your life to empower you towards resolve, empowerment, and engagement. 


In collaborating with clients, the three tenets I consider of the utmost importance are safety, connection, and hope in tailoring the counselling process to meet the unique needs of each client.


Over the past ten years, I have had experience collaborating with clients in some of the following areas:

• Social and Emotional Skill Development

• Harm-Reduction     


• Mood and Anxiety Disorders                            

• Relationship and Interpersonal Issues

• Grief and Loss Counselling

• Anger Management

• Attention-Deficits and Hyperactivity (ADHD)

• Social and Emotional Skill Development

• Substance Abuse and Addiction

• Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses

• Career Goals and Transitions

• Men's Health and Toxic Masculinity

• Sexual Health

• Child Development and Parenting

• Eating Disorders

• Care Planning and Goal Setting

• Chronic Health Management 

• Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

Counselling sessions are provided to individuals and couples in either 50 minute or 75 minute sessions. Find out more here.

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